Who We Are

Welcome to Edgy G


  • We are passionate artists grateful to share our work as medicine for the soul...
  • We believe Life is Art and Art is Medicine.
  • We are based in Laguna Beach California where you can find us around town at the Summer Sawdust Art Festival and Winter Fantasy. Come say hello!
  • Meanwhile we invite you to savor and enjoy our store...

Come on in for a Studio Visit with Carrie Rae 


Questions? Custom Order Requests? carrie@edgyg.com 


Founding Goddess: Carrie Rae Woodburn

Carrie is an Artist, Energy Healer Practitioner, Teacher of Mystery and Alchemist of Movement, Energy and Form.
Through her artistry, Carrie intends to help all walks of people connect with their heart.
She believes we are experiencing the most significant time in human evolution since we began to "walk upright", with our future dependent on our ability to awaken to our potential in what she refers to as "A Mystic Renaissance".
Her art pieces are designed to inspire our mystical connection to the powers of nature and universe.
For more on Carrie we invite you to visit: www.alchemyoftheheart.net


Chief Alchemist: Andrew Soliz (Tatankamani)
 Andrew is an Artist, Craftsman and Ceremonial Man.  He lives his life with a commitment to share the wisdom of his Native American ancestry.
He understands that this way of life can bring a person to their center and allow them to be in good relation with all things. As a Sun Dancer, Pipe Carrier, Artist and healer Andrew humbly guides individuals along their personal path to their true self.  
His art pieces are designed to inspire one's connection to nature and all of creation. 
For more on Andrew we invite you to visit: www.tatankamani.net




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